Inland Score 1 Plus Glass Cutter 
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The ScoreOne™ Plus includes the ScoreOne™ along with the versatile strip and circle cutting accessory. Designed specifically for use with your ScoreOne™ to make strips and circles without interfering with its normal operation. Make circles from 1 1/2" to 13" in diameter and create strips as narrow as 3/8" up to 3" wide.  

Key Features: 

Maintains optimum 90º cutting angle at all times. 
Maintains consistent scoring pressure from start to finish. 
Eliminates hand and wrist fatigue because your not constantly gripping a cutting tool. 
Makes it easier to accurately follow pattern lines, reducing waste and grinding time while improving the fit and appearance of your project. 
Start and finish scores closer to the glass edge for cleaner, more accurate breaks. 
Circle/strip accessory lets you make straight line cuts and strips from 3/8" to 3" wide. Make circles from 1.5" to 13" in diameter. 
Replaceable cutting head with carbide steel wheel. 
Use on bench top or grid type work surfaces. 
Allows you to comfortably sit and score glass. 
Available as Standard model or Combo version with the circle/strip accessory. 
One year Warranty. 

Product Uses: 
Accurately score on all types of glass. 
Create and score intricate pieces for panels, lamps, mosaics, fusing and more. 
Ideal for those who suffer from hand and wrist problems or anyone who finds it difficult or awkward to use traditional style glass cutters. 
Use the strip set up for making borders, boxes, repetitive cuts, mosaic pieces and more. 
Use the circle set up for score perfect circles used in patterns, clock faces, fused or slumped bowls, vases and plates and more. 

1109P Inland Score One Plus Cutter 
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