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Inland Solderstation
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Inland Solderstation


A temperature control and outlet combination. The circuitry includes a grounded outlet, an LED on/off indicator and adjustable control dial.
A 6 foot grounded power cord is wired into the SolderStation™, essentially extending the reach of the iron by 6 feet. This can be a huge benefit when working on a large flat project or a lampshade.
Cord router clips located along the left side of the plastic housing keep the iron cord away from the built-in iron stand.
A built-in coil-type iron holder with heat resistant collar fits most soldering irons. A metal drip plate is located below the iron holder with a well for a tip cleaning sponge.
A flux bottle well with a flux brush and a flux brush holder. The brush holder lets flux drip off the brush, back into the bottle, after the flux brush is used.
A solder spool post is sized to hold a full one pound roll of any solder.
A triangular flux sponge can be covered with liquid flux for easily fluxing foiled glass, rings or wire before tinning or soldering.
A catch all bin runs along the front for holding the flux bottle cap and provides a place to keep miscellaneous items such as rings, pins, or extra iron tips.
A pliers/tool well designed to hold mini-needle nose pliers which are a great aid for holding tiny rings or hinges while soldering.

One Year Warranty
(Product shown with iron.
Iron not included)

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