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Devcon 2 Ton Epoxy
Popular with glass jewery makers.  Secures bails and other findings to glass.  Abrade glass surface for best bond.  Evenly dispenses dual cartridge for mixing.  30 minute working time, 2 hour handling time.  Waterproof!!  2500 lbs.  
#52502  $9.99
Hang Your Glass Epoxy Kit
 Includes: 2 dram Activator w/dropper and 2 drams Adhesive and a sampling of alcohol prep pads. REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 7" surface area. Less than .5 mm gap. Set time 5-10 min. Full cure 24-72 hours. When applied correctly the adhesive is stronger than the glass - TEST YOUR APPLICATION! Clean both metal and glass with alcohol or 100 percent Acetone.). Use with knobs and pulls hardware to customize furniture. Adhesive Kit includes activator, adhesive, acetone cleaner, eye dropper and solvent.Kit contains enough materials for approximately 25 or 50 applications. #700SM
$24.99/25 applications                    $34.99/50 applications
E6000 Universal Epoxy - Clear 
3.7 fl oz. Flexible, viscous styrene-based adhesive ideally suited for attaching glass and jewelry to metal findings, glass to glass and other applications.  Adheres in 5-10 minutes and hardens to a clear waterproof cur in 24 hours.  #E6000 
Reg. $7.99
Sale $5.99
Weldbond Universal Adhesive
Popular Weldbond adhesive is now available in an easy-to-use clog-free tube! Non-toxic, acid-free and multi-functional, Weldbond will adhere to hundreds of materials, including cement, concrete, bricks, plaster, metal, glass, wood and tiles. It is the preferred adhesive of mosaic artists. 
Mix Weldbond with water, and you get an incredible strengthening agent, which is great for adding to concrete to create super-durable stepping stones. 

5 oz $5.99        8 oz  8.99        21 oz $14.99     Gallon  $39.99
Chemicals will only be shipped to the lower 48 US states.  
No international orders please on chemicals.  
Only polishes and glues are available for international shipping, no epoxy.  
Any questions please email us
Weldbond 5.4 ounce
A universal adhesive. Glues tiles, wood, and more. Seals all porous surfaces. An excellent binding agent for concrete, garden stones, etc. Dries clear. Non-toxic, no fumes. For interior or exterior.#52502  $8.99