Stained Glass/Fusing - Brushes/Gloves
Acid Brush for Patina/Flux
Use to apply chemicals
Sale $.35
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Latex Gloves
Use for protecting hands from chemicals etc.  1 size.
Sale $1.99
Glass Gloves
Protective cotton/PVC Dot gloves for extra grip on glass
Sale $4.99
Mold Cleaning Brush
Ideal for removing spent shelf primer from molds. The stiff plastic bristles are contoured to clean out fine detail in casting molds. Round bristle cluster is 3" long x 1" diameter. Overall 11"
Sale $8.99
2-1/2"  Haik Brush
Flat brush for apply kiln wash
Sale $15.50
Aquaflow Replacement Brush
Sale $5.99
 Large Bench Brush
Use for cleaning worksurface of glass pieces.
Sale $10.99
8" Steel Came Brush
Use for cleaning 
Sale $2.99
Glasspro Drill/Brush
Soft bristle revolving brush for use on a hand-held electric drill. A handy tool for scrub cleaning glass and metal. Bristles are 1-1/2" (38mm) long.
Sale $29.99
Small Grouting Brush
Sale $2.99