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Stained Glass Chemicals - Coolants/ Cutting Oil
Novacan Grinder Coolant
Use a capful in with your grinders water to reduce friction while grinding.   8oz.
Sale $5.99
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Novacan Cutting Oil
Use in glass cutters to reduce friction while cutting. 8 oz
Sale $5.99
Inland Diamond Coolant
This is a high lubricity, water soluble solution you add to the water reservoir of your diamond shaper / edger or saw to increase the life of your diamond drums and blades. 
Makes shaping and sawing faster and easier.  4oz
Sale $6.99
Glastar EZ Grind Coolant - 8 oz.
Reduce friction while grinding or sawing.  
Sale $7.99
Inland Motor Shaft Lubricant
Lubricant for motor shafts. Suggested treatment for grinding heads. A little dab on the motor shaft each time a grinding head is removed will make future removals much easier.
Glass Pro Score Cutting Fluid
Extend the life of your cutting tools!
Fletcher EnviroGold Premium Cutting Oil
 Environmentally safe and 100% biodegradable, eliminating disposal and clean-up problems.