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#670431     Dog Designs  $16.99
McOnie. Canine lovers will delight in this handbook of more than 30 original designs that are created for stained glass projects. Featuring a wide array of breeds.including the basset hound, beagle, corgi, dachshund, German shepherd, Labrador retriever, poodle, Samoyed, Siberian husky, and spaniel. Full-color images of each of the dogs in their most endearing poses provide an inspirational color guide. 
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#6346    Butterfly  $19.75
56 pages, all patterns are shown finished in color. Patterns are of merging butterflies with human forms.  Created by Jillian Sawyer, the artist and author behind the the popular book "Frog Song." 
Backyard Birds $15.99
 by Sally Allison A great selection of 25 patterns for making beautiful stained glass panels of backyard birds. Suggested color keys are included for each design. The selection features common species--cardinals, goldfinches, and chickadees--as well as hard-to-find patterns for less-common birds.
Beautiful Leaves $15.99
 By author: Sandy Allison Pages: 56 Illustrations: 25 patterns, 25 color drawings. A great selection of 25 patterns for making beautiful stained glass panels of leaf shapes. Suggested color keys are included for each design. Leaves are from common North American trees--maples, oaks, and hickories--along with hard-to-find patterns for less-common species.
Butterflies and Dragonflies $24.99
By author: Sandy Allison The latest in Stackpole's popular Stained Glass Patterns series, this book contains 20 full-size, realistic patterns for common North American butterflies and dragonflies. Includes a color sample for each pattern Species include monarch, queen butterfly, giant swallowtail, Diana fritillary, banded peacock, silvery blue, and red skimmer.
Nature Designs $12.99
 Author: Harry Zimmerman 78 intricate nature designs for panel work. Floral scenes, buds, and abstractions with contemporary and traditional flairs. Great possibilities when used with exciting art glasses.
A Break in Time $15.99
Author: Glassmith Studios A variety of patterns for entryways, panels and suncatchers. Some patterns utilize unique Glassmith bevel clusters. Excellent book for those with ability to do their own custom bevels.
The Stained Glass Garden $24.99
 Authors: George Shannon & Pat Torlen With the garden as inspiration, learn to craft sophisticated stained glass projects that shine with jewel-tone colors and varying textures. Detailed instructions on each project from glass selection to maintaining the finished project. Projects range from a Starry Night Candle Lantern to a Bird Feeder.