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#70153   Americana Past & Present  $14.35
Full of large and small stained glass panels which celebrate those things special to America.  Features colonial scenes, quilts, barn hex signs, mirrors, and a scene depicting the first walk on the moon.  
#670771   English Lead Lites  $13.50
Dimas.  26 Elegantly simple English style window designs.  All designs shown in full color.  Top Pick!!  

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67065  Starcatchers Book  $16.99
Haebich. Ever since Scott's Starbursts pattern book was released 3 years ago, glass crafters have been requesting smaller "suncatcher size" versions of the kaleidoscopic images in that collection. Starcatchers fulfills that request with 20 full-size starburst patterns that are only 6" to 7.5" in diameter.
 You can use any combination of your favorite glass colors and textures in these easy-to-create window hangings. Rather than filling up a window with one large Starburst, you can hang several of these smaller Starcatchers to liven up a room. 
They also make great gift items.