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Please note:  Glastar's Mercedes Benz and Stanton Lead Streatcher are currently unavailable. 
 Small, yet powerful metal came or re-bar cut-off saw. Reinforced fiberglass abrasive blade (5-5.8" diameter) makes easy work of cutting any metal used in art glass crafting. Cuts brass, zinc, copper and steel up to 3/4" (19mm) square. Heavy-duty motor head is in fixed position. Guide fence rotates right or left to 45 degrees from a 90 degree position. Constructed of high impact plastic.
2825 Gryphon Power Miter
Stanton Lead Stretcher
Easily stretches any size came. Pull back the lever and the leverage allows you to eaily stretch your lead. Maximum stretching distand is 8 1/2". 1 year manufacturer warranty.  Made by Glastar.
 Stanton Lead 
$ 115
#1194  Spring Loaded Lead Vise
$ 10.99
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 Fanout Lead Shears
#15926 $ 42.99
Lead Shears - Lep.
#15940 $ 17.99
Lead Dykes - Dragon  $24.99
Fanout Lead Dykes
#15928 $ 64.99
Weighted Lead Knife
#15825 $ 29.99
63902  Stop Blocks  New
Keeps came work level during
construction. Acts like shims would.
25/pack. Nails not included
15780 Glazing Hammer
Use plastic side to tap in nails, use rubber side to tap in glass.
Horseshoe Nails
A must have for lead work. 
Bag of 25
Box of 100
#1895  Mercedes Bends Came Bender
This machine has strength and versatility.  Bends zinc, brass & copper into circles or ovals without kinks.  Make circles of 3" wide and larger. 
Size 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 3 1/2".
Not recommended for 1/8" U came.
The forming rolls have three shapes combined on one set of rollers. Roll “U” channels as well as “H” shapes all on the same set of rollers. Designed for zinc materials. Roller should be lubricated as used. Aluminum frame screws onto a work bench. Forming rolls are 2-1/2" (63mm) in diameter. 
$ 339.00

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