Faceshields and Grinder Accessories
Useful accessories for your Inland, Glastar and Diamond Tech grinders. 
 Universal Second Story
Will fit  most Glastar & Inland Grinders
#1204   $19.00
Glastar Eye Shield Support
Just add your own piece of glass and you're ready to go.
#1202   $14.95 
Novacan Grinder/Router Coolant
Reduces heat and friction.  Adds life to your bits and makes grinding faster. 
#1444   $7.99
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Nick's Grinder's Mate
Save your fingers from the grinder.
  Spring loaded. A must for grinding. 
#1199    $18.50
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Mini Table for AllStar
Will fit Glastar G8
#1205   $19.00
Glastar Top Plate Replacement
Molded Delrin with waffle pattern surface that will not scratch glass.
PG5  - For G5 Starlet

PG7 - For  G7 Super Star
/Diamond Star

PG8 - For G8 All Star
Glastar Grinder Eye Shield
Made of hard polycarbonates; protects eyes and face from flying glass chips.
#40800  $13.95
Workstation Waffle Grid
The Waffle Grid's 11-1/4" square interconnecting grids give you the freedom to construct the size and shape of your work surface and backsplash. The transparent surface features a grid on one side, a smooth flat side on the other, and can be interlocked with either side facing up.
The smooth side is perfect for tracing patterns on glass. Flip it over and use the grid side for cutting glass.  
Available in 3 different packs
2 Pack    #26001    $26

4 Pack     #26012   $42

6 Pack     #26011   $49.99
Carborundum Stone
Used to smooth sharp glass edges.
Size: 10" x 1-5/16" x 3/4"
#Stone  $9.50