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Hand Tools - Leponitt/Studio Pro/Diamond Tech
#15720  Metal Runner Adjustable with 1" wide jaw.  8" Length
#15730  Plastic Runners
Lightweight plastic with 1" wide jaw.  8" Length
$ 7.20
Pattern Shears
Plastic handles with stainless steel blades. Best buy!    

#15930 Foil Shears

#15940 Lead Shears
#DMN4  Mosaic Tile Nippers
Great for making your own mosaic tiles. Bohle/DTI
#GR10  Grozier/Breaker Pliers
Great value. Nibbles away glass or use as breaker.   $ 11.99
Sale $8.50
#LD10  Lead Dyke Pliers
A must have for trimming and mitering lead corners.  
Spring loaded.   $ 8.99
Nylon Burnisher
#GH62  Glazing Hammer for lead working.  Solid metal construction. Last longer than other wood handled ones.  Plastic head on one end, rubber head on other.  Great value!  $7.66
#RGL34  Glass Gloves
These gloves are great for handling glass.  Raised rubber dimples help hold the glass without slipping.  No more cuts on your hands!
                $ 8.09
#WB09  Wire Brush
Use to clean polish from solder seams.
#1396 No Spill Bottle Holder
Use for flux, patina etc.  Holds bottles and keeps them from being knocked over.  
$  11.79
#15727  Replacement Tip
1/set per pack.  Rubber
Will also fit Inland runners


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#WB49  Bench Brush 
 Cleaning up glass debris on your work area is easy with this brush
$ 9.99