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#08510  Gryphon Omni 2 Plus
Diamond Wire Saw
The New Gryphon Diamond Wire Saw   
Model Omni 2 Plus

Offers the omni-directional cutting of a round blade along with the ability to make inside cuts without a lead-in. 
The Omni-2 offers the following NEW features:
• Faster Motor, 1/4hp, 5000 rpm
• Built-in Pump
• Significantly longer blade life 
• Five year limited warranty
• 19" tall, 14" deep, 13.5" wide,  Platform is 1 square foot
Gryphon replacement Wire Saw Blades are available.  In addition, a flattened "Slitting Blade" offers a thinner cut and faster cutting and fine blade are also available.

Additional features:
Round Diamond Blade cuts in any direction
Powerful Motor cuts glass and other hard materials more quickly than before
Built-in automatic pump eliminates need for fresh water reservoir and used water container.
Simple construction with few moving parts for reliability
Powerful motor located on top, away from the water
Direct drive - no belts or pulleys
One square foot of unobstructed work surface
Small built-in spot light shines directly on your work, eliminating shadows
Uses very inexpensive Diamond Blades in your choice of 3 grits.
Made in USA 
Five-year limited warranty (excludes standard wear parts).
New Lower Price!!
More information on this great saw can be found at:
Gryphon Corp

Now comes with 6 standard blades!
Omni 2 Blade Guides  1 pair ( white in color)
Omni 2 Power Blade - 120 Grit 
General purpose with good speed & leaves a great finish on the glass - 3/pk
Omni 2 Slitting Blade  
Reduces the cutting width to a slim .035, improves speed and control, allows the artist to achieve sharper angles.  3 blades/pack  


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Omni 2 Fine blade
The Fine blade cuts a little slower than the standard blade, but leaves a smoother edge. We recommend this blade for dichroic glass and similar fragile material.
Omni 2 Blade Chuck
The Chuck consists of the entire white plastic part that slides up and down on the two vertical shafts. Use your old wrist pin to attach the Chuck