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28982 Precison 2000 Bandsaw by Diamond Tech

Weighing 11 pounds, the PRECISION 2000 is ideal for the weekend warrior, hobbyist, crafter and Do It For Me (DIFM) types, who are tasked with glass, wood, ceramic tile, and other materials. Additionally, the bandsaw's small footprint offers increased flexibility for cutting material on a countertop, desk top or any other tight spaces. 

The PRECISION 2000 is the ultimate of hobby saws combining quality, affordability and a THREE Year manufacturers Warranty. This saw is not only easy to use, but is one of the most versatile Hobby Band Saws ever made! 

Features: Quiet 1/8hp motor, Spring-loaded tension system for easy blade installation, Angled water nozzle keeps blade cool during wet cutting, lightweight and easy to handle for transportation and storing and includes one diamond blade for glass and one wood blade for wood and dry cuts. 

Max. Horsepower 1/8 HP 
Blade Length 91.4 cm (36 in) 
Throat Depth 12.7 cm (5 in) 
Height 48 cm (19 in) 
Width 28 cm (11 in) 
Weight 5 kg (11 lbs) 
Table Size 23 cm x 25 cm (9 in x 10 in) 
Max. Top Blade Guide Height 3.8 cm (1.5in) 
Minimum Radius Cut .63 cm (.25in) 
Cutting Speed 66 cm (26 in) per minute 


Great Bandsaw!!

Available in Deluxe Model also.  


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Available in Deluxe Model also.  Deluxe includes 

Deluxe Features: Rheostat for varible speeds for more control over your cuts, Durable recirculating water pump with a large water reservoir which eliminates frequent water bottle refills.