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toyo acrylic neon
TC1P  Toyo Acrylic
$ 25.50
Toyo Pistol
TC600P  Toyo Pistol Supercutter
$ 36.95
Toyo Brass Supercutter
SP5   Studio Pro Pistol Glass Cutter
$ 19.50
CH 3 Novacan Cutting Oil
8 oz Bottle   $ 8.99
15315 Pencil-style Cozy 
15316 Pistol-style Cozy 
$ 3.95
Fits most cutters
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Studio Pro Pistol
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Toyo Thomas Grip
Toyo Custom
TC9P   Toyo
Thomas Grip Supercutter
 Toyo  TC21PVR  
Custom Grip Supercutter


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Toyo Brass
Economy Pistol
Economy Pistol
$ 9.99
Economy Pencil
Economy Pencil
$ 8.99
Armour Bottle Cutter
Great for Recycling!    Kit Contains: 
Adjustable Bottle Cutter, two cutting wheels, glass tapper, adjustment wedge, five glass sanding sheets for finishing the cut edges, and a twenty-four page, full color bottle cutting reference guide.

Maximum Height of Cutting Head: 10-1/4" (260.3 mm)
Bottle and Jar Cutter
Generation G2 Bottle Cutter

Made from recycled aluminum! The g2 bottle cutter is lightweight and allows you to easily score and separate discarded bottles and wide-mouth jards in three steps. 6 turreted cutting head translates into cutting longevity. Turn old glass bottles and jars into glass sculptures, vases, lamp shades, votive holders or fashion anything you can imagine.

Cut wide-open jars and bottles up to 5 gallons

Removeable glass cutter for straight cuts

Cut with ease and comfort
 $26.99   Sale $18.50
Pg   1  I  2
Toyo and Imported Cutter's