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#72A006  Alphabets  $12.55
Aanraku.  Foul stylized sets of the ABC's.  You can create your own messages, names and signs.  Script and block styles, as well as upper and lower case letters with matching number are included.  
#70153   Americana Past & Present  $14.35
Full of large and small stained glass panels which celebrate those things special to America.  Features colonial scenes, quilts, barn hex signs, mirrors, and a scene depicting the first walk on the moon.  
More Celtic Designs
Author: Rachel Cecere

Book of 18 Celtic designs translated into patterns for stained glass. Features knotwork and animal designs from the Book of Kells and the Book of Durrow as well as many original designs. Full-size patterns, construction tips and hints are included.More Celtic Designs   $16.99
#71401    Classic Alphabets  $10.00
Martin.  Three complete alphabet styles and two numeral styles.  Project ideas , special instructional section and eight full size patterns included.   
#670771   English Lead Lites  $13.50
Dimas.  26 Elegantly simple English style window designs.  All designs shown in full color.  Top Pick!!  

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67065  Starcatchers Book  $13.95
Haebich. Ever since Scott's Starbursts pattern book was released 3 years ago, glass crafters have been requesting smaller "suncatcher size" versions of the kaleidoscopic images in that collection. Starcatchers fulfills that request with 20 full-size starburst patterns that are only 6" to 7.5" in diameter.
 You can use any combination of your favorite glass colors and textures in these easy-to-create window hangings. Rather than filling up a window with one large Starburst, you can hang several of these smaller Starcatchers to liven up a room. 
They also make great gift items.
67041  Starbursts Book  $13.95
Haebich. Kaleidoscope designs. Each of the 11 full-size patterns is about 24" in diameter and will fill your window with a bright splash of radiant colors. Can be created with any color scheme and easily adapted or resized to fit whatever space you want to bring to life.