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Spooled Lead
Save money and space with spooled lead. No more bulky boxes to store or twisted pieces of came.  Save on shipping also because these rolls do not require a special oversize charge for shipping.  Lead is ready to be stretched. 
Each spool weighs 15 lbs. Channel opening is 5/32"  We also can get Cascade by the case.  Please email us for a quote.

Came spools are shipped based on weight and destination.  The shopping cart is only an estimate for supplies, not lead or sheet glass.  If you are in say Washington state the price would be about $28 per 15 pound spool, Oklahoma or Florida around $20.  If paying with PayPal you will be invoiced for the difference. 






5/64" ROUND U

1/8"  FLAT U

5/32" ROUND H

3/16" ROUND U

7/32" ROUND H

1/4" ROUND H

1/4" ROUND U
411 ft

217 ft

189 ft

132 ft

139 ft

121 ft 

114 ft 






Economy Cascade Spools - Special order 1-2 weeks
Rolled Cascade came in 15 lb spools.  Great for stocking up and substantial savings for came you already use.  Available in 3 sizes.  Convenient storage idea.  Came is ready to be stretched.  Brite alloy finish.  Channel opening is 5/32"


1/16" Round U

3/32" Round U

3/16" Round H






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Cascade Reinforced Came - Special Order 1-2 weeks
Use for projects that need extra strength lead.  
Has been reinforced with a brass strip in the heart of the channel.

2202         1/4" Round H           Case Size 45 lbs.          $234.95

2203         3/8" Flat H             Case Size 45 lbs           $234.95
Premier 24lb Spool Lead
Premier Lead Came on 24 lb. (10.9kg) spools are economical and convenient. Cut off needed lengths with no wasted short ends. The lead alloy contains .75 to 1 percent antimony for added rigidity.







Lead Came 3/16in Round H 24lb Spool

Lead Came 3/16in Round U 24lb Spool

Lead Came 3/16in H 24lb Spool

Lead Came 3/32in Round H 24lb Spool

Lead Came 3/32in Flat U 24lb Spool

Lead Came 13/64in Round H 24lb Spool

Lead Came 1/8in Flat U 24lb Spool






Approx. 224 ft.
Channel - 9/64"
Approx. 235 ft.
13/64" Channel
Approx. 320 ft.
Approx. 400 ft.
Approx. 202 ft.
Approx. 282 ft.
Approx. 219 ft.
Lead is shipped based on weight and destination.  It ships by UPS.  Shopping cart will not calculate shipping cost for lead orders.  Please do not use Paypal when ordering lead came.   
Please do not use Paypal for lead came. Cost is based on weight/destination