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Morton System Tools
Useful tools for todays stained glass and hot glass artist
GC01 Glass Caddy
SB01 Push Block w/ Button
More information available on The Morton System stained glass tools at
SL25 Strong Line
Reinforcing Strips
PG03 Studio Cutting Bar
SB80 M-80
PG05 Assembly Tray
GA04 Grinder Tongs
LB16 Replace. Push Pins
For layout block system.
16 pins per box.
CC06 Cutter Caddy
$ 4.99
MT01 Morton Twister
ZM01 Clean Cut Mitre Vise
LB 01 Layout Block System 6"
Ten 6" blocks, 40 push pins.
LB23 23" Layout Add-Ons
Two 23" block & 16 push pins.
GA02 Mr Splash
LB100  Complete Block System
Contains LB17, LB01, LB23 and LB02.  Very economical!
LB17 17" Layout Add-Ons
Two 17" blocks and 16 push pins.
LB02 12" & 3" Add-Ons
Four 12" blocks, 4  3" blocks and 40 push pins.

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Mini Surface Plus Grids
(shown with bar, not included)
GA03 Safety Splash
Lens size is  (8" x 8")
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TCS1 Teeny Circle System
Keeps your project square and holds it in place for soldering.
The Professional Boxer
Out of stock  Not currently in production at Morton.