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 4100   $39.99
 4111    $39.95
 4151     $31.95
#4151 Self-Igniting Torch
This great torch from Fireworks is great for all levels of beadmakers.  Easy on/off button, a dial to adjust the flow of fuel and flame and a special dial at the base of the nozzle that allows you to adjust the airflow.  Much quieter than the Hot Head. 
#4100 Hot Head Bead Torch
The Hot Head Torch produces a clean, hot flame with propane or Mapp fuel. Dial at base adjust the flow of fuel.  Hose set available for use with regular style LP gas tanks. 
#4111 Mille Marver
Shapes glass and warms millefiori or glass chips. Attach to the nozzle of the Fireworks Torch Head.
#40501 Minor Bench Burner
This small stainless steel surface mix bench burner is designed for the artistic lampworker.  Easy tilt positioning, heavy base and mounting holes. Recommended operating pressures: .25 to 5 PSI, 5 to 15 PSI of oxygen.  Use for soft or hard glass. 


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40501  $199.00
#40502 Mega Minor Mid Bench Burner
Get greater flexibility in your workshop with the new, improved Mega Minor with a hotter flame! Surface mix torch features an improved oxygen flow system, so your torch gets hotter, faster. Easily adjust your flame with independent oxygen and propane controls to create a reducing, oxidizing or neutral flame. The versatile design allows you to adjust flame size to work with Italian or borosilicate glass, it goes from needle point up to 3/4" diameter without changing tips! Use to create multiple beads quickly, or form hollow core vessels and sculptural beads.
40502   $289.95
#40503 Major Bench Burner
A sturdy stainless steel surface mix bench burner which is comprised of two benches:  the major burner with a flame up to 1-1/2" diameter and a minor burner mouted on a square configuartion of jets. The Major burner maybe removed from it base for lathe mouting.  the narrow head of the Minor assembly allows for easy manipulation of work.  Precision needle valves to regulate the fuel and oxygen flow.  Uses propane or natural gas.  Recommended operating pressure : .25 to 5 PSI, 5 to 15 PSI of oxygen.  Use for soft or hard glass. 
40503   $399.99

#40555 Red Max Major Burner
The Latest Design in a Large Flame Burner!
Similar in size to the major, the red max bottom surface mix burner has a round instead of square face, making the flame much more forceful. This burner was designed for boro: its top premix torch provides an even hotter flame that is perfectly suited to working with the hard glass. Control the burners independently with two sets of valves. Includes two interchangeable tips for the premix torch and a cleaning tool. Use with either propane (2-6 psi) and oxygen (5 to 8 psi)or natural gas (.25 to 2 psi) and oxygen (5 to 8 psi). 
 40555  $525.50
For Professionally Annealed Torch Work!
Take your beadwork to the next level! Bead annealer allows you to anneal intricate glass sculptures and beads that would be impossible to make in an open flame. Features a programmable digital controller to control the rate of annealing (cooling). Opening is 16" wide and 4-1/2" high; interior measures 16"wide x 4-1/2" deep x 6" high. 120 volts; heats safely to 1100 degrees F. Manufactured by Jen-Ken. Comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. 
#15285  $595.99